Beyond right and wrong to resolution.


Cornish Margolis Boyd is a dedicated mediation and arbitration firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

With decades of combined legal and alternative dispute resolution experience, our team of Barb Cornish, Simon Margolis Q.C. and Mary Ellen Boyd have the unique combination of expertise, tenacity and intuition to help clients achieve  confidential and cost-effective resolution of disputes. As a result, we are among British Columbia’s most sought-after mediators. Simon is also regularly retained to arbitrate a variety of commercial disputes.

Mediation is an art requiring compromise and timing. We understand how to achieve resolution by keeping the parties engaged in conversations that matter, helping them get past what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” to what’s possible.  Even when settlement cannot be achieved, we assist the parties to have a better understanding of the issues and risks going forward.

In additions to conducting “hands-on” mediations, the members of Cornish Margolis Boyd are frequent speakers on conflict management and provide ADR training and system design to a broad range of organizations.

Mediation with Cornish Margolis Boyd:

  • Is less time-consuming, costly, stressful and unpredictable than going to court
  • Puts control of the process in the hands of the parties
  • Promotes collaboration by promoting dialogue
  • Protects privacy and confidentiality because there’s no requirement to disclose
  • De-escalates conflict by giving the parties a chance to be heard and to clear the air
  • Minimizes long-term acrimony between the parties – and can even lead to enhanced relationships
  • Gets past what’s right and what’s wrong to what’s possible